Additional Offerings

These offerings are designed to facilitate your transition from knowing spiritual truths about yourself and world (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) to experiencing.  The results include a wide range of outcomes depending on the circumstances or challenges you’re facing.  Finding and experiencing your internal source and ability to provide yourself peace and joy is a common goal and theme of this work.

First (the best place to start if you’re new to Ken Stone’s work):

  • Self Study Course (Tuition:  $400.00   Partial scholarship available in May): This course is an online course that rolls out to you on a daily basis for the first week, then once a week over the following two weeks.  It takes at least 21 days to go through the course.  You can take longer if you like.This course guides you through the very simple, yet profound three-step process that Ken facilitates and teaches his clients around the world.  This process is comprised of 1) Releasing and Aligning  2) Deeply experiencing the Divine within (referred to as “Going Beneath the Sand”)  and 3) Cleaning up.This course includes all the supporting experiences through recordings that can be listened to online, or downloaded as MP3′s.  Course participants report with surprise the fact that they “can feel Ken plugging in, even when I’m listening to a recording” – something not limited to recordings that Ken has made of group sessions – or studio sessions.  Several instructional videos and written direction are also included, as is direct email access to Ken.   This course includes a 60-day money back guarantee.    Read more and enroll here.
  • Private Single Session with Ken ($225 – a single session is 50 minutes)
    Limited availability.
    Buy Now [Note: all private sessions with Ken will take place via phone if you have a North American phone number - and via Skype (or you may phone Ken at your expense - or without verbal communication/no Skype) if you live elsewhere. Recordings of private session are available - and must be scheduled at the time you pay for and schedule your private session.]
  • Also available: Membership Community Plus One and Plus Two (below).
  • Accelerated Initial Session Package with Ken Stone ($900)
    Limited availability. This package is the most effective way for quickly breaking out of your current patterns and embrace and experience who you really are – in just three short weeks. This offering consists of a double session the first week, a double session one week later, and a single session the third week. This accelerated approach facilitates the the client through the process of clearing away old blocks, going “beneath the sand” to experience who you really are – the full and uninterrupted expression of the Divine – and a complete tuning the the frequencies of perfect health (in all areas) and the frequency of the Divine (savings of $225). Buy Now

Second (If you’ve already completed the Self-Study Course or private session work with Ken):

  • Membership Community ($97/month).
    Participate in all weekly group sessions, all special group sessions, all recordings of both types of past events, all “studio” recordings of experiences referred to during the free video course, weekly MP3 of guided meditations/energy sessions with Ken, and discounted private sessions with Ken (Total Value of More Than $2,000). Learn More/Buy Now
  • Membership Community Plus One ($217/month)
    Limited availability. Get the full benefits of the Membership Community AND ONE private single session with Ken per month (Total Value of More Than $2,000). Buy Now
  • Membership Community Plus Two ($317/month)
    Limited availability. Get the full benefits of the Membership Community AND TWO private single sessions with Ken per month (Total Value of More Than $2,000).  Buy Now
  • Weekly Group Session($67 per week)
    You can purchase a seat to this week’s group session. These sessions are between 60 and 75 minutes in length – taking place every Tuesday evening at 6p MST (use Denver, Colorado for your world time clock adjustment). These experiences are webcast (also available via tele-conference) for world wide participation. An MP3 of the experience is available for download for 48 hours following the event. (more information) Buy Now
  • Special Group Sessions ($47 to $247 per experience)
    Focused on a variety of experiences – both existing recordings and upcoming events . Learn More/Buy Now
  • Recordings: past Group Sessions & “studio” recordings of experiences referred to during the free video course ($47 to $247 per group of recordings).This offering including the Beneath the Sand Experience recordings, and other powerful recordings for facilitating your experience of clarity and peace in every area of your life. Learn More/Buy Now.
  • In-Person Workshops ($800-$1300).
    Learn More/Buy Now
  • Savings reflected are versus buying the individual components each package on their own.

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