Rose Englund – Westminster, Maryland

I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel within for Ken and the opportunity to learn and grow. I simply cannot put this into words. I have been attempting to for the past five minutes and erase everything I write as it just doesn’t say what I cannot express!!

However, the movement of events in my life have been – well, things are simply clearing! I am so grateful for the alignment I am beginning to experience and so overcome with joy as “stuff” leaves me.

Okay, I do have a question for Ken: how is it that I feel you “plug in” when I am listening to a recording?

I almost feel I could have a conversation with you soul to soul. Come on now, that’s almost eery – help me out here……



Ken Responded:


The short answer is that time and space are part of the mirror – they are an illusion. Just as separation from the Divine is an illusion. Once you crack through that illusion – all the veils come down together. What’s sort of interesting to me is that it’s not dependant on “your” beliefs about it (I don’t mean you in particular – anyone). I think it has to do with my beliefs – or reaching to the truth – what is real. Since we’re dancing in the space of what is real (in a recorded session) all illusions fall away.

How does that meet with your own guidance system?



Rose Responded:

Ken – Yes, your answer sent chills through my body, followed by feelings of peace and happiness. Thanks so much!



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